Sunday, April 10, 2011

Developing countries to do 65% of emission reductions.

It is amazing that the rich countries first think they can pollute and exploit the nature resources of the world, and then when things get rough, they ask the poor countries to save and reduce their pollution. Rich countries consume in the range of 10 times more resources than poor countries, and rich people in rich countries consumer hundreds, perhaps thousand as much resources than poor people in poor countries. And then we moan over their population being a threat to the environment.....

A Bolivian ambassador, Ambassador Solon, stated recently that
The gap in the abatement is 7.4 to 5.3 Gt. of CO2e (53% to 38%)
• This can lead us to a 4°C to 5°C increase in the global temperature
• Developing countries are going to do more emission reductions than
developed countries (54% vs. 46 % in LEP and 57% vs. 45% in
• The offsets can be 16% of global nominal pledges (1.1 Gt. CO2e for
Lower End Pledges)
• Because of offsets the abatement can be only 5.5 Gt. for the Lower
End Pledges.
• The gap in the abatement will be higher because of offsets: 8.5 Gt.
for the Lower End Pledges. (61 % of the 14 Gt. of CO2e)
• With offsets developing countries will do even more effort than
developed countries (65% versus 35%)

He based his presentation on the following two sources. I have not crosschecked them.
STOCKHOLM ENVIROMENT INSTITUTE, The implications of International Greenhouse Gas Offsets on Global Climate Change, publications/id/380 
UNEP, The Emissions Gap Report, Are the Copenhagen Accord Pledges Sufficient to Limit Global Warming to 2 ºC or 1,5ºC?, ebooks/emissionsgapreport/

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