Sunday, February 24, 2013

Farming as landscape art

At the recently concluded Biofach fair I listened to a presentation by Douglas Tompkins about his farm  Laguna Blanca in Argentina. Well listened? mostly I watched (see below). I am not easily impressed but this was spectacular.

Laguna Blanca is of 7000 acres of land in the Entre Rios province of  Argentina. Organically grown, for sure. But not only that also incredibly beautiful. Tompkins called their tractor drivers for painters.

Tompkins, who he is? Well he was the founder and CEO of both Northface och Esprit, and then he married the boss of Patagonia. He and her are the biggest private owners of conservation areas in the world, mainly in Latin America. They have also published the collected works of Norwegian eco-philosopher Arne Naess - the one who coined deep ecology.

Normally I would rant about capitalism - that it is easy to do things like this when your awash with money, but just enjoy the movie first! 

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