Sunday, June 28, 2009

Living roof and advanced recycling

Hi, wanted to share two pictures:

This is a boy in Uganda that has made a cap of small plastic containers in which the local liqour is sold. People throw them away and hey this coming guy makes a cap!

The picture below is of the living roof of the extension of our house. Isn't it beautiful? A living roof has a number of advantages such as:
- it keeps the heat in winter and the cool in summer
- it slows the runoff so there is less water to take care of/drain away - particularly important in cities
- it is beautiful, perhaps the most important criteria for us.

Living roofs can be made with a variety of materials, in this case it is sedum plants. It can also be grass and moss in our climate.

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  1. The livinig roof is really beautiful and attractive i would like to try this one in my grandfather garden.