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Here I will collect videos and pod casts.
8 April 2015
Gunnar Rundgren, author of "Global Eating Disorder" and "Garden Earth,” argues that in the global marketplace the deck is stacked against small-scale farmers regardless of whether they farm organically or not, and that ultimately the monoculture model perpetuated by big ag will translate into monocultures on our plates. 

January 2015
In the book Global Eating Disorder, Gunnar Rundgren explains why we no longer can afford cheap food. He debunks the myth that consumer choice is shaping our food system and identifies the main drivers and choice architects. This speech from the launch of the book at the Swedish University of Agriculture 29 January contains some of the most pertinent perspectives of the book.

June 2013
It takes seventeen times as much effort today than hundred years ago to get the same catch of fish. At the same time as our energy resources go down we have to work harder to access the same resources as we could get with smaller efforts before. This has created a double crunch.

Listen to a conversation (in two parts) between me, Claudia French and Irina Almgren about the challenges and opportunities of today, the Transition Movement, my book Garden Earth etc.