Numerous books and reports, of which some of the more important, and recent, are listed below

     Garden Earth, from hunter and gatherers to global capitalism and thereafter, Regeneration 2012, 420 pages
     Jorden viÄter, Yearbook of the SSNC, 2012, 174 pages
     TrädgårdenJorden, Från fångstsamhälle till global kapitalism och därefter, Gidlunds 2010, 336 pages
     Organic Exports, a way to a better life, EPOPA 2008, 110 pages
     Author of Organic Agriculture Development, textbook for training a programme, 250 pages, 1999-2009, Grolink AB
     Co-author, Building sustainable organic sectors, 184 pages, IFOAM 2007
     2nd substantially expanded edition of Building Trust in Organic, 287 pages, IFOAM 2007
     Organic Markets in Africa, 2007, co-authored with Peter Lustig
     Best Practice for organic Policy, 100 pages UNCTAD 2007,
     Certification as a traded service, OECD, Jan-April 2005
     Building Trust in Organics“ (editor), IFOAM 1998
     Organic Cotton Book (author of section), Pesticide Trust 1999
     IFOAM/IOAI Inspection Manual, some contributions, 2001
     Organic Agriculture and Food Security(author), IFOAM 2002
     IFOAM Harmonisation Conference Reader (co-editor and contributor), IFOAM 2002
     Biodiversity and organic standards in “The potential of Organic Farming for Biodiversity” (paper), BfN 2003

     Many papers in conference proceedings, see above
     Various articles in magazines
     Publisher of The Organic Standard 2001-2012 – specialized international journal about standards, certification and regulations. Approximately 10-20 articles per year since 2001


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