Sunday, December 23, 2012

Do you like the cover?

The publication of Garden Earth is now imminent. This is the proposed book cover. Do you like it?

There is a poll on the right side for you to fill in. It is perfectly anonymous.

And you can also make more elaborate comments below.
What the book is about? Read here....


  1. Dear Gunnar:
    Greetings. Another way we say this in English is "Hunter-Gatherer", using the hyphon. This might flow better in your title? as in "From Hunter-Gatherer to Global Capitalism and Thereafter". Eliminating (or not having) 2 "and"s in the same sentance is perhaps better. Good Luck, Steve Crider

  2. Dear Steve, That sounds like a good suggestion!

  3. I like the illustration, but perhaps the chap could be standing on the earth or a slice of it.... just to high light the earth bit rather than the human history bit, although perhaps the later is the focus?

  4. Hi Gunnar, very much the male fighter - is that what you want to express? I find it a bit aggressive.


    1. Beate, well I don't mind the aggressive impression. Global capitalism can also be rather aggressive:-)
      I did try with "earth" as a background Alastair, but the one I had didn't do it. The background is actually a photo of old papyrus paper. It does look better in my copy - but then most books will be sold via the net, so it is perhaps more important how it looks on the net than in the hand...