Thursday, February 12, 2015

Listen to Global Eating Disorder

In the book Global Eating Disorder, Gunnar Rundgren explains why we no longer can afford cheap food. He debunks the myth that consumer choice is shaping our food system and identifies the main drivers and choice architects. This speech from the launch of the book at the Swedish University of Agriculture 29 January contains some of the most pertinent perspectives of the book.


  1. Succinct, well researched and passionately presented. Should be required reading for everyone who eats.

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  3. thank you so much to talk about this issue which has become a big problem on Earth. Not only Indonesia, Taiwan has also suffered form wheat import, GM-soybean and so on. Some may say it is the Demand and Supply. But if there is no harmful stuffs producing without conscience, how do poor people get poor quality? (most people on Earth are economically poor and food- knowledge poor). Food production is not only consider cost-profit analysis but also the conscience and consumers' trust . Food production chain related to human future and human right (which economically poor ppl and less food knowledge ppl can also have good quality foods) I really appreciate your contributions!