Monday, March 7, 2011

Beyond Petroleum - a joke

BP President Carl-Henric Svanberg made a blitz visit to Malmö today where oil spills were on the agenda.He sad he was sorry for the big blow-out in the Mexican Gulf last year, but confirmed that BP will continue with deep sea drilling of oil.

He said:
We are not doing this by choice. We are doing it out of necessity. We estimate that by 203o the world will be consuming some 40 percent more energy than today. And the world will continue to be largely dependent on fossil fuel. (recording from the Swedish Radio P1)

I look for some more information at the BP website and find the 2030 energy outlook report
There we can read:

At the global level, the most fundamental relationship in energy economics remains robust – more people with more income means that the production and consumption of energy will rise....Energy consumption per capita to 2030 is likely to grow at about the same rate as in 1970- 90 (0.7% p.a.).....The fuel mix changes relatively slowly, due to long asset lifetimes, but gas and non-fossil fuels gain share at the expense of coal and oil.....Strong growth in non-OECD energy consumption, especially of coal, translates into continued growth of global CO2 emissions. The growth of global CO2 emissions from energy averages 1.2% p.a over the next twenty years (compared to 1.9% p.a. 1990-2010), leaving emissions in 2030 27% higher than today.

The web site says that "The outlook highlights the central role markets and well-designed policy can play to meet the dual challenge of solving the energy needs of billions of people who aspire to better lifestyles, and doing so in a way that is sustainable and secure. "

I think the whole thing just shows what a gap there is between what needs to be done and what BP is planning for. And that the re-branding of BP from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum was just green-washing.

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