Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The wealth Pyramid - a sign of poverty

One can draw a lot of different conclusions from a pyramid like that
Credit Suisse, the one making the graph concludes.
It for instance points out that the global wealth currently held by 4.4 billion adults has increased by 72 percent since 2000, to reach 195 trillion dollars. Driven by robust economic expansion in the emerging markets, the Credit Suisse Research Institute estimates that global wealth will grow 60 percent to 314 trillion dollars by 2015. The middle segment of the global wealth pyramid is composed of one billion individuals who are located in the fastest-growing economies of the world and hold one-sixth or 32 trillion dollars of global wealth. In total, almost 60 percent or 587 million individuals in the middle segment of the wealth pyramid are located in Asia Pacific. China stands out as the third-largest wealth generator in the world, behind only the US and Japan, and is 35 percent ahead of the wealthiest European country. Read more
And of course, it is their business to care for the ones that have money to spend, i.e. their clients or prospective clients. My concern is more the 3 billion at the bottom and the fact that they will be there also 2015. The fact that gaps are increasing is simply not acceptable and it is also not sustainable or tenable in more normal language (this sustainable word is rapidly taking the lead in being the most used, overused and abused word in English language) It should worry also the rich, because sooner or later this will explode, and I doubt the poor will show much mercy with those that have lived on their backs.

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