Friday, March 18, 2011

Food is not a commodity like any other

Sin maíz, no hay país they say in Mexico, without maize there is no country. One of many expressions that underline the importance of food, not only for survival, but for our culture and for political stability. We know that lack of food can trigger political upheaval and perhaps revolution.

Sometimes, I am more surprised by the opposite, however. How come that the hungry sit and beg instead of just crashing into the shops and plunder, or trying to mug me? I guess it is a combination of the repressive society, culture and also that people that are poor and hungry, also are very tired and disillusioned. To rob or loot requires some strength and initiative, but most people starving are so tired. Honestly, can you say that it would be immoral for the person that is starving to steal a banana to eat? Would you also say that it is immoral for her to steal to giver her child to eat? I certainly could never condemn that.

If you want to read more about hunger, its causes and how to reduce it, I can recommend
Food enough, Land enough?
About hunger, agriculture, trade and global solidarity
by Peter Einarsson, published by Forum Syd, the Swedish Church and Swedish Cooperative center. The report ends with six rules of the thumb about food security.
1. The food supply will not take care of itself.
2. Food is not a commodity like any other..
3. Hunger is not a developing country problem..
4. The environmental food crisis is for real.
5. Technology is not the problem.
6. Globalize solidarity..

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