Friday, March 4, 2011

Victor Ananias

In just learned that Victor Ananias passed away.

I visited his place in Küçükkuyu in 2008 on my long bicycle trip. He welcomed me by frying falalfel (see picture). I spent a few days, left my bicycle there and came back two month later to continue my trip. I had the opportunity to give a hand with rolling the ecological roof of the new center that was under construction. Victor was very enthusiastic and had lots of good ideas and initiatives. He was an organic champion, knowledgeable, a good person and a good friend. There is some text and pictures on:
and (mixed Swedish and English)

"From village farmers to agricultural policymakers to consumers, his efforts have affected thousands of people. Victor’s dream has undeniably changed the face of Turkey and infused its ecological movement with a powerful momentum in the right direction. "
says a nice article from 2007.


  1. I met him to in a few occasions and although I didn't know him that well, he would always remember my name and be so nice to me. I am shocked to know that he died. Why it's always the good and the best that leave us prematurely?

  2. I met Victor at the time, in Bodrum Turkey at the time Victor at the vegetarian restaurant 1996,
    Victor giving a place to stay in Yakalikavac in the coast of his Coutry,
    her father born in the same country Chile wo I came

    after I travelling in the another regions of the Asian Continents, and after I met him again later at the times,

    2005 it was the last time I seen him, ..
    after the magazin from istambul the notice the dead from
    it was a very sensible person and humans valius...