Monday, April 4, 2011

China: organic market exceeds 1 billion dollars.

There is no clear and comprehensive statistical information about the volume and value of organic production in China. There were some 2,500 certified organic producers, with more than 100,000 individual farmers in 2007. About 2 million – 3 million hectares of farmland is certified  as organic, putting China among the world’s top five organic producers, in acreage terms. Statistical data on Chinese organic production, however, vary from one source to another.

A recent report from the International Trade Center estimates that there was 2.03 million hectares of certified organic farmland in 2009. In 2008, the total value of organic production reached about RMB 16 billion (US$ 2.4 billion), with exported organic products exceeding US$ 500 million and the domestic organic market reaching US$ 1.1 billion. The remaining US$ 800 million in organic products were sold as conventional products. China’s domestic market in organic products began developing in the mid-2000s and has expanded very  rapidly, especially in the past few years when food scandals became prominent. 
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