Monday, April 4, 2011


Yet another environmental standard is in the making. Now it is "Wind Made" a standard that assure that the product is made from Wind energy. The initiative is from Danish Vestas, a major wind mill producer.

The CEO of Vestas says:
"Vestas tried for years to communicate the benefits of wind to the general public: the investments we made were high; the results were fairly poor. So, we needed a new path. We concluded that we no longer could solely depend on the political system to make the necessary decisions. We needed to go further up the value chain. At the end of the day politicians are motivated by what consumers and citizens expect from them. We recognized that Vestas was too small and we didn’t have the bandwidth or the communication channels to do it ourselves. We needed to activate the B2C [business-to-consumer] giants because they’re actually the ones that have the strongest impact on and direct access to the influential and growing global middle class. So how could we actually create a new design that could build a bridge between Vestas and the whole wind industry providing knowledge to the consumers about the benefits of wind?"

The standard will be developed under the direction of the WindMade Technical Committee, consisting of representatives from WWF, Vestas Wind Systems, and PwC, among others. During the development process, the Technical Committee will gather feedback from the general public including potential participants in the WindMade Labeling Program and from consumer label standard and renewable energy experts.


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