Thursday, February 5, 2009

Which climate do you want ?

I sent the following as a letter to the editor to Financial times.

Humans have always dreamt about controlling the weather. Raindances, prayer and rituals have been used to call rain, to protect the crop from frost to avoid earthquakes etc. When we cut forests in the tropics what was earlier a tropical forest becomes a dry grassland. When we drain fields and wet land we create floods. On the big scale global warming shows that we can indeed influence the climate, even if it is not an effect of a explicit desire of a warmer climate. This means that we now have to agree on what weather we want to have. Should it be 2 degrees warmer or 5 or shall we keep it as it is. All is possible it just depends on what we want to pay. Can we get 5 degrees warmer here in Sweden and keep it like it is in the tropics and deserts. This kind of production is the real growth market. Instead of seeing it as a cost we should see it as a production for humanity, similar to the production of parks and other public goods. I can already see how the capalists rally for taking care of this growth segment in the market, and how they call for privatisation of the service. GDP increases, welcome to the new world.


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