Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happiness or opression?

I saw this line of children in the streets of Stockholm the other day. First I thought they were cute. But then my mind drifted to the image of prisoners being brought to work by their wardens, or slaves marching towards a miserable life. There are several ways to see the same thing and we draw very different conclusions.

I hope you give yourself time to think about this image and the billion of people spending hours commuting in buses, trams, metros or endless car ques - or in assembly lines of the various sorts. Are we training free-thinking, happy people or are we adapting our children very early to a confined life? To a life in lines, straight lines.

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  1. At least some disciplin is good for the children nowaday. They do learn group works when I saw them in Karlstad last month but I do hope they will be given some organic farms training.