Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mad as hell

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  1. But the decision takers in Europe and USA, the G20, the G70 and the UN, and so on, all say it is unacceptable, deplorable, and promise to alleviate poverty and the poor.
    However, what they actually do is allocate $trillions for the alleviation of the banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, investment funds to compensate them for their incompetence and greed and their creation of the financial crises 2007-2011.
    It is very difficult to get a fixed total of the bail out monies. But if we assume that it is at least $11 trillion, this sum would have gone a long way to eliminating hunger and poverty across the world; rather than boosting the bonuses of the executives of RBS, GoldmanSachs and such like; and boosting corruption amongst the officials of the receiving countries.
    The irony is that the leaders of the richest, developed countries then explain that they are not able to meet their committments to alleviate the poor and hungry because they are in the throes of a financial crisis and economic depression. And so we go round and round.......
    I examine these issues and many others in my discourse on social ecology -
    I am driven to conclude that the people and corporations and government officers who have access to 99% of the wealth of the world[fiat/growth/investment] have no intention of redistributing this wealth to the 'masses', and certainly not to those dying of hunger!