Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another inequality measure - airmiles

Sometimes images are telling a lot. The picture below is from worldmapper and shows the flights in kilometers from different places. It says something about carbon foot print and it certainly says something about inequality in the world. Especially inequality between the countries.

"In 2000 civilian aircraft flew a total of 25 billion kilometres. If someone flew this distance they could circle the earth more than 630 000 times. If the total distance flown by all aircraft passengers was divided equally between everyone living in the world, we would each fly 317 kilometres a year. In fact some people fly thousands of kilometres a year, whilst others have never been in an aeroplane. The people flying the most kilometres tend to be from island territories. On the other hand, people from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, also island territories, are amongst those flying the smallest number of kilometres per year."

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