Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back soon...

Hi, I have been quite busy lately with a consultancy in Mongolia, a job with the Sami in the North of Sweden, editing the Swedish version of Global Eating Disorder, spring work in our farm and last but not least a project to restore a pasture along the shore of the lake. First step of that is clearing the bush and forest that has encroached the land since it was grazed some fifty years ago.Two weeks ago we had thirty friends helping us,  but there is a lot more to do before we can start fencing. 
Burning shrubs for making pasture

Plants waiting for summer
I plan to continue blogging on the trade theme in a week or two, or three....


  1. Why did not using goats? http://permaculturenews.org/2014/10/08/reforesting-goats/

  2. The area is far to wet for goats in my view. They are better adjusted to dry lands. I used goats for clearing land on my previous farm and they did wonders. They did kill ALL trees under a certain size though